Probate Law

Guidance through a difficult time

When a loved one passes away, the last thing on your mind is their estate. We can help walk you through the often unfamiliar and lengthy probate proceedings. The probate process is typically unavoidable and is the legal process of administering the estate of a loved one who has passed.


The Stanley Law Firm is here to help in every area of the probate process. We represent Personal Representatives, beneficiaries, creditors, and spouses seeking their elective share or their omitted spouse’s share. When a loved one dies, seeking guidance from an experienced attorney who understands the South Carolina probate laws is wise.


In our probate practice, we also advise and represent individuals seeking to be appointed as Guardian or Conservator. A Guardianship proceeding is the process in Probate Court where a probate judge appoints a Guardian to make personal care decisions for an incapacitated person, such as health care and medical decisions, decisions about where the incapacitated person will live, decisions about the care, comfort and maintenance of the incapacitated person and other day-to-day care decisions regarding his or her person.


A Conservatorship proceeding is the process in Probate Court where a probate judge appoints a Conservator to manage the financial affairs and property for an incapacitated adult or for a minor who is entitled to receive money from an inheritance, insurance settlement, etc.


If you have a family member you feel is unable to handle his or her personal or financial affairs, please contact The Stanley Law Firm today.

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