Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries


While the Myrtle Beach area is home to several well-known seasonal bike rallies that bring thousands of bikers into town, both tourists and locals enjoy riding the Grand Strand year-round on their motorcycles. Whether it is cruising Ocean Blvd. in the heart of Myrtle Beach and stopping for a bite to eat, hitting the hot spots along the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk and surrounding area or just riding around town, the fresh air and comradery that exists between local and visiting motorcycle enthusiasts is second to none. Unfortunately, and often tragically, there are motorcycle accidents that occur in the area due to at-fault vehicle driver error, roadway conditions, and distracted drivers.



Many times, motorcycle accidents are not caused by the operator of the bike, but instead occur due to the negligence of others on area roadways. Some of the more common scenarios in which another driver may be at fault include:


    • Distracted drivers not paying attention or driving too closely and hitting a stopped or stopping motorcycle from behind at a red light or build-up in traffic.
    • Vehicle operators changing lanes, not checking their blind spots and inadvertently driving a motorcyclist off the road. (Have you ever heard the revving of a motorcycle next to you? It’s not to showoff, it is to let you know they are there).
    • One of the most dangerous and sometimes fatal – drivers making a U-turn or left turn at an intersection, not yielding to an oncoming motorcyclist and denying their right of way,  resulting in a head-on or side of vehicle impact crash.
    • Road hazards such as potholes, construction debris and road grading issues.
    • Defects in the motorcycle itself (defective product liability) from the tires to control mechanisms.


Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm


Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, from broken bones to head injuries, long recoveries and lifetime pain, and tragically sometimes death while the injured along with their loved ones suffer from the effects. If you or a loved one have been injured in an motorcycle accident along the Grand Strand by an at-fault driver the Myrtle Beach personal injury attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm are experienced in litigation of these types of significant injury claims and are ready to help. Additionally, we have had successful outcomes when it comes to defective products (such as defective tires) and additional third-party liability (such as a defective roadways not constructed to proper standards) and equally stand ready to review your case and protect your rights.


Effects of Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries


If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle wreck, do not underestimate the possible long-term effects caused by the injuries sustained from the accident. Insurance companies will want to settle quickly, even sometimes try to even put some fault on the motorcyclist in order to limit their expense… at your expense. Depending on the severity of the injuries involved, here are some possible life changing effects to be aware of:


Short term effects


    • Hospital stays
    • Surgeries
    • Doctor visits
    • Missed time and earnings from work
    • Rehabilitation that doesn’t always follow a calendar as far as anticipated positive outcome
    • Loss of family time, loss of work and school time by loved ones caring for the injured


Long term effects


    • Permanent injury, scarring, lifelong pain and additional effects related to the injuries sustained
    • Unable to work in the same job or any job depending on the severity
    • The inability to perform tasks and functions on a daily basis that could easily be accomplished prior to the motorcycle accident
    • Ongoing medical care and associated bills
    • Post-traumatic stress and additional mental health issues


Often, the loved ones closest to the accident victim face a lifetime of effects as well, as they become the primary caretaker going forward. In the devastating case of an injury resulting in death, loved ones are faced with considerable lifelong challenges from loss of companionship, loss of financial stability and ongoing suffering.


Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today


Once the situation becomes stable, the first step to success after sustaining a motorcycle injury in the Myrtle Beach area is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents. The earlier the better – for several reasons including preservation of evidence, contacting of witnesses while what they saw regarding the accident is still fresh in their mind, the ability to refer at-fault party insurance companies that might contact you to your attorney and more. Whether you are a resident or Myrtle Beach tourist injured, or a loved one of a motorcycle accident wreck victim, protect your rights and contact the Stanley Law Firm for a free case evaluation by phone at 843-390-9111 or through our secure online contact form.





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