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When you buy a product, you expect it to be safe from defects, designed of quality for its intended use, and of precision engineering and workmanship – not something that can cause serious injury to you and your loved ones. Product manufacturers are held to high standards in all products that enter the marketplace. However, manufacturers can cut corners or be negligent regarding safety issues with their products. Unfortunately, there have been cases and cases of personal harm suffered by consumers with injuries and deaths resulting from such negligence and defective products entering the marketplace.



How do defective products enter the marketplace? Here are a few examples:


    • Manufacturing defects that cause products to not perform to the standards in which they were intended. Think about the tires on your automobile and the effect of a those tires not being properly designed to handle the normal stresses of temperature variables, road conditions, the speed at which they are being used and more. We have all heard the horrific stories of single vehicle crashes caused by tire tread separation. Sometimes the design is the initial problem or subpar materials being used in the tire manufacturing process. Often additional third parties are irresponsible in their inspection and lack of proper maintenance is a common issue. This also makes them responsible when it comes to negligence resulting in the failure of a product that causes injury. Either way, the outcome can be catastrophic. The Stanley Law Firm settled a $6,000,000 tire failure case caused by tire tread separation while representing a mother and father who lost their son in a deadly rollover accident due to tire failure.
    • Product design defects are responsible for countless injuries and even deaths each year. We have all read the stories of e-cigarettes blowing up in peoples face causing severe burns and even death. Was the product and battery designed to withstand its intended use? From the design flaws confirmed by the NTSB in the pedestrian bridge collapse at Florida International University resulting in six deaths to many local Myrtle Beach defective product stories of raised deck collapses and balcony railing failures and falls, the element of design plays an important role in ensuring the safety of a product’s intended use.
    • How about the roads we drive on? Pothole city (AKA New York City) was in the news for paying $138 million in settlements due to injuries or damages resulting from potholes on their roadways. If our roads are not designed and maintained properly to safety standards, drivers, passengers and pedestrians are at risk. One local example is a six-figure case settle on behalf of a client of the Stanley Law Firm due to a defective roadway. Our client was seriously injured in a rollover accident on Highway 501 in Aynor after coming into contact with a defective shoulder drop-off. In this case highway standards were not met and the negligence of SCDOT, their contractors and sub-contractors were proven and they were held therefore held accountable.
    • Improper warning or instructions (or lack of) for use are often referred to as a marketing product defect that can cause serious injury or death. Think of the countless infant products from toys to car seats and products designed for kids such as bunk beds that resulted in injuries or deaths. Even adult products used on a daily basis such as tools, furniture and other consumer goods that may not have design or manufacturing defects but were not properly labeled with warnings.


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Often times, many people do not blame the product when an injury occurs, they blame themselves and this is a common misconception as to who’s responsible. When it comes to identifying defective products and holding the parties responsible for negligence, the Myrtle Beach defective product attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm have proven experience in navigation these types of personal injury cases.


From the discovery phase of reconstructing the incident, preservation of evidence, taking depositions and the assistance of forensic and engineering expects we protect our client’s rights and hold those accountable when product design, manufacturing and marketing product defects exist. For a free defective product case evaluation when you or a love one have been injured, contact the Stanley Law Firm at 843-390-9111 or through our secure online contact form





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