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The Myrtle Beach area, frequently referred to as the Grand Strand, is known for its miles and miles of beautiful oceanfront, inland waterways, back bays and Intracoastal Waterway as a paradise for those who love to be on the water. Along our waterways, there are opportunities for great fishing, recreational boating, jet skiing, parasailing, ocean scuba diving and much more. Each year, as the waters warm up during the summer more people take to the water creating an increased risk as inexperienced boat and watercraft operators navigate the area. Unfortunately, for some, an accident can spoil the fun and put a damper on a fun day. Even worse, a drowning or wrongful death event may occur.




Some of the more common injury related accidents that occur along our waterways include:


    • Boat accidents including sailboats, pontoon boats and motorboats
    • Jet Ski accidents – either through Jet Ski rental companies or privately owned operators
    • Parasailing accidents
    • Kayak, Paddleboard and additional types of rented watercraft


Additionally, accidents can occur on fishing charters, guided tours, scuba diving excursions and additional types of water related recreational activities.


Many times the cause of the accident is an inexperienced operator who may not be familiar with common aspects of operating a watercraft, such as:


    • Boats don’t come with brakes
    • Jet Skis don’t steer unless under power
    • Parasailing is very sensitive to wind conditions
    • No wake zone means no waves
    • Red, Right, Return – know your channel markers
    • And so on…


Some accidents are caused by locals who own their own watercraft, others are caused by visitors on rental boats, jet skis and other forms of watercraft. Regardless, when you are involved in a Myrtle Beach boating accident or some other form of accident on the area waterways, it is important to know your legal rights and The Stanley Law Firm is your guide. Most of the time, similar rules apply to boating accidents as if it were a car accident when a crash occurs. A slip and fall on a charter or commercial boat or dock is not much different from a slip and fall at a grocery store where premise liability is the issue.


With any personal injury sustained on the water, follow similar steps with injuries sustained on land:


    • Check to see if everyone is OK and accounted for
    • Render medical aid as needed
    • Call 911 in an emergency. If offshore and out of cell range, contact the Coast Guard on Channel 16 on a marine radio. If no radio is available, fire a flare if a flare gun is available on board or wave to other boaters for help
    • If the watercraft is able to be safely moved, move it to a safe location and make sure it is not blocking other boats
    • If witnesses are available, get their contact information and see if they will stay to describe what they saw in an accident report
    • Take pictures of any damage and preserve any video you may have of the accident
    • If you are on a commercial boat or tour, note the names of employees who rendered aid or were on staff
    • If you own or operate a boat involved in an accident and it is covered by an insurance policy, contact your insurance company
    • Get immediate medical help for any injuries; it is important that you do not wait to get treatment because the insurance company may deny your claim if there is a delay in treatment


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