Myrtle Beach Vacation Injuries & Accidents – What to Do?


Every year, millions of tourists visit the Myrtle Beach area. Unfortunately, for some, an accident occurs or tragedy strikes during what is meant to be a relaxing vacation away from home. Panic sets in because you are out of your element and being injured on your vacation is that last thing you would expect. Where is the nearest hospital? Who are the best doctors? Where do I look for help? Why did this happen?



We all know that time seems to move fast while we are on vacation. The typical response for most to “How was your vacation?” is “It went too fast!” From hitting the beach during the day, shopping, making dinner plans, enjoying local attractions and experiencing area nightlife, we are moving at a faster pace when we travel. Combine that with all the other tourists in town at the same time and the entire region moves at a quicker pace. This can create a recipe for accidents of all kinds to happen including:


    • Car and motorcycle accidents due to unfamiliarity with area roadways
    • Slip and fall accidents due to negligence by business or property owners to keep their facilities free of hazards
    • Pedestrian accidents due to drivers missing stop signs, stoplights, crosswalks and other pedestrian right of way areas
    • Accidents on waterways from jet skis, boats and other vacation rental items due to operator inexperience or improper training
    • Much more


When you’re on vacation, you expect to be safe in your surroundings and business owners are obligated to provide a hazard free premise to their guests. Unfortunately, many vacation injuries center on premise liability and slip and fall accidents at Myrtle Beach area resorts, hotels, vacation rentals and local businesses including restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and area attractions. These injuries can be caused by damage to flooring, sidewalks and parking lots, uncleaned debris in walkways, uneven steps or stairs and stairwells that violate building codes, and subpar construction including missing handrails and stairs not built to building code standards.


Helping the Injured on Vacation


From slip and fall accidents to car wrecks, truck accidents, premise liability issues and more, the Stanley Law Firm has helped numerous visitors to the Grand Strand by providing successful personal injury representation. Servicing all Myrtle Beach area communities in Horry County, SC for over 19 years, you’ll want a local experienced injury attorney in the rare case something goes wrong on your vacation. Our focus is on you and holding those negligent parties responsible for your injuries. Having an experienced local Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney allows us to go to work for you by interviewing local witnesses, hiring local forensic experts (such as a forensic architect in a stairwell fall) and helping you understand your case.


In the case of any personal injury sustained on your vacation be sure to:


    • Seek immediate medical aid when injured
    • File an accident report
    • Look for witnesses and ask for their contact information
    • If possible, take pictures of the immediate area of the accident, vehicle, etc.
    • In a slip and fall accident, note the names of any employees you come into contact with when receiving aid or filing an accident report


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