Myrtle Beach Truck Accidents, Wrecks and Injuries


The Myrtle Beach area does not have the luxury of an interstate highway in and out of the area. Unfortunately, that does not deter some truck drivers from driving as if they were on an interstate at excessively dangerous speeds, as they navigate the roads along the area. Far too often, commercial truck accidents with vehicles along our roads and highways are caused by careless driving, driving at a speed too fast for conditions and aggressive driving resulting in devastating injuries.



We all see and read about truck accidents quite frequently and many occur due to negligence of the truck driver or commercial trucking company. Here are a few examples:


    • A truck driver is in a rush to make a guaranteed delivery time or make a certain number of deliveries throughout the day and drives aggressively, speeding and unable to stop in time at a red light due to the heavy load (sometimes an over-sized load) they are carrying. The truck either barrels into a car from behind stopping or stopped at a red light, or even worse goes through the red light and hits a car entering the intersection.
    • A distracted commercial truck driver takes their eyes off the road to check directions, messages or answer a call resulting in an accident.
    • Not familiar with the area, a truck driver comes up on an exit, turnoff or intersection too quickly and decides to cut across lanes to take the turn anyway resulting in a vehicle travelling alongside to get struck. Often times, if the truck does not strike another vehicle, it creates a near miss scenario causing a car to lose control and go off the road, or crash into other vehicles.
    • Many commercial truck drivers are paid by the mile and as a result – time is money. Less sleep and more miles logged results in truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel or driving groggy with slower reaction times in turn causing accidents.
    • The wide right turn – we have all seen the signs: Caution, This Vehicle Makes Wide Right Turns. However, that does not give a truck driver the right to make that wide turn if enough clearance does not exist between the truck and other vehicles.
    • Another famous sign is Keep Back 200 Feet – Not Responsible for Damage to Vehicles or Persons. A truck driver is responsible for the load they are carrying. This sign does not relieve a truck driver from ensuring what is being carried is secured, nor does it relieve the driver of negligence when an accident occurs due to improperly restrained items or cargo that enter the roadway resulting in an accident.
    • Poorly maintained trucks – let’s face it, maintaining a car can be expensive but maintaining a box truck or tractor trailer is higher maintenance. As a result, irresponsible trucking companies sometimes cut corners and items such as improperly maintained braking systems, malfunctioning lights, worn out tires that haven’t been replaced, broken or even missing mirrors to see all blind spots, lack of back-up cameras or back-up sound warnings and other mechanical or maintenance issues lead to many trucks on the road (that shouldn’t be) responsible for accidents with other vehicles.


Truck Accident Attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm


Truck accidents are often severe in nature due to the overwhelming mismatch in size (both height and length) between a truck and a car along with extreme weight and force involved in the collision. As a result, the injuries sustained to victims in these types of accidents can be extensive with life altering consequences. In catastrophic cases, death can occur as well leaving families and loved ones in despair. If you are the unfortunate victim of a Myrtle Beach area truck accident by an at-fault truck driver or trucking company the personal injury attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm have over 19 years of experience in helping the injured protect their rights and get back on their feet. Whether you are a local resident, or a tourist visiting the area and are injured in a truck accident, contacting a local experienced attorney is your first step to success going forward. Quick representation will help ensure:


    • The safeguarding of potential evidence from the accident scene.
    • The contacting of any witnesses to the accident.
    • An experienced Myrtle Beach law firm on your side, fighting for you, when the at-fault party’s insurance company contacts you looking to settle quickly and quietly for as little in compensatory damages as possible. Speak only to your insurance company and your attorney after being in a trucking accident. Refer the other insurance company to your attorney if they contact you.
    • Additional steps to protect your rights as you get back on your feet.


Through forensic experts, re-creation of the accident scene and additional methods we have the experience in personal injury cases and ability to determine the root cause of the accident along with the responsible party – the truck driver, the trucking company or both.


The Stanley Law Firm – Helping those Injured in a Myrtle Beach Truck Accidents


The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm stand ready to help you get back on your feet after sustaining injuries due to the negligence of at-fault truck drivers or trucking companies. Protect your rights and contact the Stanley Law Firm for a free case evaluation by phone at 843-390-9111 or through our secure online contact form.





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