Myrtle Beach Slip And Fall Accidents


Slip and fall accidents (also known as trip and fall) in the Myrtle Beach area are all too common and most are avoidable. However, due to negligence, the public continues to be at risk of being injured doing basic everyday tasks. Business owners, rental companies, municipalities, property management companies, construction companies and other entities are responsible to provide a safe environment for shoppers, guests and visitors to their properties. When a slip and fall injury occurs, it is usually due to construction not built to proper code, failure to make timely repairs to sidewalks, parking lots, floors and other structures or simply not cleaning up debris that can become a hazard. Often times, something that poses a threat and can cause a slip and fall accident has been reported on a prior occasion but the negligent party involved failed to take action.



A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere at any time including:


    • Parking lots including broken pavement, damaged or misplaced parking stops and general debris.
    • Grocery stores where spills are not cleaned and dried or carpets are placed in high traffic areas and shift over time becoming an easy trip hazard.
    • Shopping malls both inside and outside especially around food courts where the floors become slippery due to spills and food debris.
    • Stairwells, sometimes dimly lit or not built to proper code.
    • Sidewalks and walkways outside businesses where broken cement or uneven walkways are not properly repaired.
    • Around pool areas at Myrtle Beach area resorts and vacation rental properties and leading into tile entryways where water poses a slip hazard if it is not wiped up.


Slip and Fall Attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm


A slip and fall accident can be a simple embarrassment where you look around to see if anyone saw you fall and luckily you are uninjured (which quickly turns to anger, how did that happen?). Or more severe, where you are physically injured from the fall. From broken bones to severe cuts and bruises along with head strikes that can lead to concussion, coma or even worse, injuries that can result in death. Slip and fall accidents can have dire consequences and the personal injury attorneys at the Stanley Law Firm  are experienced in this type of litigation obtaining positive outcomes for their clients. Example cases include a slip and fall in a Myrtle Beach shopping mall parking lot, a fall down a stairwell at a vacation rental due to a building violation code, a trip and fall injury suffered at a grocery store parking lot in North Myrtle Beach that was not properly maintained along with other similar cases.


If you or a loved one are injured in a slip and fall accident, take the following steps once medical attention is provided:


    • File an accident report.
    • Take pictures and/or video of the accident scene.
    • Look for witnesses that saw what happened and get their contact information.
    • Take the names of any employee of the property you interact with during and after the accident along with names of anyone that provided medical assistance.
    • If possible request surveillance footage of the incident.
    • Maintain records of all medical bills, doctors visited, dates, etc.


The Stanley Law Firm – Providing Attorney Representation to the Injured in Slip and Fall Accidents


If you are injured in a Myrtle Beach area slip and fall accident due to negligence by a property owner, city, municipality or other related parties the Stanley Law Firm is here to help you get back on your feet. These types of cases fall under premise liability and can have additional far-reaching complexities beyond just the building owner’s negligence. This can include construction companies, contractors, property maintenance companies and others. Our experience in navigating this type of litigation will protect your rights while making sure those responsible are held accountable. Contact the Stanley Law Firm today for a free case evaluation by phone at 843-390-9111 or through our secure online contact form.





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