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Automobile Accident – DUI Driver

Auto Accident – DUI Driver (Myrtle Beach Area)

Our Myrtle Beach personal injury attorneys represented a husband and wife who were seriously injured by a drunk driver when the car being driven by the drunk driver crossed into their lane in the Myrtle Beach area.  The at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the car accident and was charged by the South Carolina Highway Patrol with driving under the influence (DUI).

On the date of the car accident, the husband was driving, the wife was in the passenger seat, and their two children were in the two back seats.  The family was headed to a restaurant in Myrtle Beach.  Because the at-fault driver crossed into our clients’ lane and collided head-on with their car, their vehicle rolled over and came to rest in a ditch.

Our clients’ vehicle and the drunk driver’s vehicle were totaled.  The at-fault driver had been heavily drinking and was apparently trying to leave the scene of the accident which is a violation of South Carolina law, but the South Carolina Highway Patrol arrived quickly and the officer was able to arrest the drunk driver before he could leave the scene.

While the two children had minor injuries, the husband and wife had serious injuries.  The husband had personal injuries to his back, right knee, and left wrist.  He underwent two surgeries and extensive physical rehabilitation.  The wife had personal injuries to her neck and right knee.  She also had extensive physical rehabilitation.

Also, the husband and wife had significant medical bills.  While some of the medical bills were paid by their insurance company, there were substantial medical bills that were not covered by insurance and had to be paid out of pocket by the husband and wife.  Fortunately, the personal injury lawyers at the Stanley Law Firm were able to negotiate much lower medical bills for our clients and these medical bills were paid out of the settlements.  Our experience in car accident cases helped our clients to avoid any financial hardship due to their outstanding medical bills.

After our clients finished all medical treatment and were released from their doctors, the Stanley Law Firm began to negotiate their settlements with the insurance companies.  Because of our experience with large settlements including many multi-million dollar settlements, we were able to get six figure settlements for both the husband and wife.

As a result of these successful outcomes for our clients, our clients continue to use our firm for real estate and even referred a family member to our firm for his personal injury claim.

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